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Everyone deserves their fifteen minutes of fame, but what would you say?


British teenagers talk about all the "Big" words i.e Work, Drugs, Sex, Love, Money, Dreams, Fears, Aging, Family, Hate, Racism, Social Media, Art, Religion, Death, Politics & Image whilst being filmed against a blue/green screen, behind them either complimentary or entertaining images are juxtaposed along with individual music tracks, many composed and recorded by the performers and their friends.

Post-production will be completed end of summer 2018 when the film will be  submitted to various international film festivals, presently actively seeking sales and distribution, acquisition by a broadcaster, also seeking a commission for future on-going returnable TV series. Below are some still frames from the production.

To buy or rent now on Vimeo

copy and paste the link below into your browser please:

Please note, more information including a full cast and credit list can be found on the, also many more images.

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